About Us

We maintain a substantial inventory of obsolete industrial items and engage in the production of specific goods, such as steel fabrication and machine parts crafted on a lathe. These items cater to various industrial applications. Over the years, we have undertaken the dismantling and subsequent reconstruction of factories. This practice not only prevents the wasteful disposal of products but also aligns with our commitment to recycling and offering valuable assets to others.

Many of our products have become obsolete or are challenging to procure due to discontinuation. Despite this, there remains a global demand for such items, particularly when machinery experiences breakdowns. Our company, with a steadfast focus on environmental responsibility, endeavors to provide unique and essential products.

In our operations, we engage in the purchase and sale of equipment, offering both new and pre-owned items acquired from auctions, private sales, or through in-house manufacturing. One notable product in our portfolio is biochar (please refer to Google for more information), which serves as a soil improver and can be transformed into briquettes for barbecues.

We often acquire products in large batches through auctions and accumulate various items during our manufacturing processes. Our commitment to prompt service is reflected in our shipping policy, with most products dispatched within three days. For international shipments, we kindly request customers to contact us separately to discuss postage details, especially concerning customs charges, which vary depending on the destination.

Refunds are processed promptly within the first month of purchase. Given that some products originate from machinery that we cannot test, we acknowledge the possibility of occasional malfunctions. Therefore, we are pleased to offer a 100% refund within the initial month if any issues arise, despite our belief in the full working order of the product.
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